Get ready for a brand new complete magical experience with Magic Marty’s Amazing Magic Parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You do the tea and leave the rest to me, making it the easiest solution.





Get ready for the most amazing Magic Party, one that YOU and all your guests will talk about for years to come and of course YOU receive all the credit for booking only the best.


Magic Marty will arrive 30 mins prior to the start to set up and prepare all his amazing tricks and props. This immediately puts your mind at rest knowing you are in presence of an experienced professional.

As the children arrive, they are treated to music with the latest and favourite tunes and in addition you can have the choice of the king sized bubble machine or the Super-De-Lux Super King Sized bubble machine, which produces over 1500 of the highest quality bubbles every minute. Watch as the children are taken into a land of magical bubbles, and that is just the start!

The show continues with a fun packed 5 minute interactive music/dancing warm up which the children absolutely love.

Then it is in to the fun packed amazing Magic Marty Marvellous Magic Show, featuring a host of amazing new magic tricks.


A funny picture of a face, which moves its eyes and starts talking!!!!!!

THE AMAZING MAGIC RED LIGHTS: where Magic Marty finds bright red lights floating in the air and catches them where upon the children can throw them into a magical light catching bag, just watch as the children are in complete awe at this trick. This is REAL magic!

THE AMAZING MAGICAL FLOWERS: Endless boxes of flowers are made to appear from a truly empty bag with the help of all the children, even the parents will be asking, “How does that work”

AMAZING MAGIC WANDS: All the comedy of the traditional magic wands that fall apart, turn to flowers, ends break off, a huge jumbo wand where the ends keep flying off high into the air etc etc etc!



MAGIC ZOO TIME: A trick where the children get the meet the animals in a cartoon zoo and they make Marco the naughty monkey vanish to reappear back into the zoo

MAGIC PAINTING: A large picture of either a magician, a pirate or a princess is magically made to be coloured in by all the children and even the birthday child's name magically appears on the picture, which they get to keep!

It is time then for a SHORT Break for tea, Magic Marty then plays soft fun background music. While the children are happily eating Marty is preparing for the next part of the show.

Once tea is finished Magic Marty gets the attention of all and they are back into the magic show (which gives you plenty of time to clear away the food)




BRAND NEW: the plate spinning circus workshop: All the children try their hand at their very own special circus spinning plate and stick...the hardest part is getting the children to part with them at the end. This is one of the sensational highlights of Magic Marty’s Parties.

The above is a selection of amazing magic tricks that you too will receive when you book Magic Marty for your party.

A SPECIAL BALLOON ANIMAL MODEL is presented to the special birthday child as a gift and all children (depending on amount) will receive a Magic Marty Lollipop.

The above show is a true masterpiece of children’s entertainment which judging by the amount of repeat bookings Marty gets and thank you letters is a testimony to his amazing magical shows.

Spinning plates and sticks are available to purchase which makes the perfect going home present!



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